Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lessons From Dad

Father's Day had me thinking recently about the most important man in a girl's life...her dad. Mine was funny and wise, a child of Mississippi red clay and sweet tea who wore overalls every day as a child and went barefoot most of the time.  There was never a day he didn't laugh, it was high on his list of important things to do. He was the perfect dad for a girl. Every Saturday morning I remember him taking me to the pancake house where we sat at the counter and he would show me off to all his friends. He made me feel beautiful and special every day of my life.  A dad is a girl's first and sadly, sometimes only, unconditional love, a standard of love everyone else will get measured by. (Good luck, guys.) So in honor of him today here is a short list of some of the things he taught me:

There is ALWAYS something to laugh at no matter how bad things get.
Tomatoes were made to eat with mayo.
If you are bored I can find something for you to do.
Don't bother your mother, you can get a drink from the hose.
It's not the teacher's fault, you must not be working hard enough.
Be glad you have a job if you have one.
America is the greatest country that has ever existed and a lot of men paid dearly
for the freedoms you enjoy, don't ever forget it.
If you can hear the National Anthem and not get choked up there is something wrong with you.
Respect the flag.
Vote and pay attention to the news because those politicians are screwing us.
Always be willing to laugh at yourself...people will love you for it.
Dry roasted peanuts are a necessity for watching sports on television.
I can pull this car over and take off my belt.
Men only want want thing. Wait for the ring.
God loves you.
You should be in church.
Come home when the street lights come on.
This is America; all you need is one good idea and hard work.
You're the most beautiful girl in the world and you can do anything.
Thanks, Dad.

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