Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dragging My Den into the 21st Century.

I know. I'm only a decade or so late. 

Did you hear it screaming? 
When you live in a house built nearly 50 years ago there is some updating needed. I've been trying to drag our home into the new century since before it started. When a couple are raising children, home schooling, working, coaching, writing a book and caring for aging relatives remodeling gets pushed aside but finally I'm getting some things done I've had on mind for oh, a mere 18 yrs. or so.  Patience is a virtue....darn it. 

I knew what it needed. It needed built in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace. A new mantle. It needed to lose the cluttered outdated entertainment center. 

This is it after I emptied it, you should have seen it before.  Scary...

It needed a big dose of chic that 
wouldn't break the bank.  So a carpenter friend built me these beautiful units that were just what the decorating doctor ordered. 

Aren't they gorgeous? 

Yes, I know you are distracted by the ugly fireplace and smoke stains. I'm getting to that...

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