Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Coming Along

Decorating by committee is a very slow process.  I could have done all of this in one day like I've always done but when my husband retired he decided he wanted to help. Now that's nice and all but what does it mean?

How a woman hangs a painting: It involves a hammer and nail probably barely big enough for the job and holding up  the picture to where we think it looks "about right", hammering in nail, realizing it's off a few inches, removing nail and starting over.  We know of course, that the offensive extra holes will be covered by the art we're hanging and if not, then spackle is a girl's best friend. Besides, right after this we have to make dinner and wash a pile of clothes.

How a man hangs a painting: The process begins with a lengthy evaluation of the contents of the workshop. A nail is not appropriate for the job and just the right screw must be found. Locate drill. Find appropriate bit. Locate measuring tape. Locate stud (This is the all important step). Do I need to go on? You can see where this is going. There is an inordinate amount of time spent tapping the wall, measuring, remeasuring and having me sit across the room to see of it looks okay. Bless his heart he wants to do it for me AND involve me which seems like an inefficient use of manpower but I'm keeping my mouth shut, sort of (does saying, "This is an inefficient use of manpower" count?).

The room we are redoing is a man room, the den. So it's all about football, geneology, and Civil War relics.

It's a little "art gallery" for me, but hey...if it makes him happy.

This wall will eventually have a very masculine distressed leather sofa, if I can find what I'm looking for.

Next up: fireplace makeover.


  1. LOL ! I'm soooo glad to hear that mine is not the only household that hangs pictures that way...

  2. Decorating was SO much easier before retirement... I feel your pain:)