Friday, August 20, 2010

Something Old, Something New

These two don't have a clue.
Twenty-seven years ago today we got married and it was hot. No, no, I mean literally it was really hot. The south in August? What were we thinking? Oh yeah, that we couldn't live without each other or something. We did have the good sense to get married
My Valium induced daze.

 indoors at least.  I wore one of those tragic Princess Di-wanna-be gowns, the theme for hair and clothes for that decade was "the bigger the better".  My mother passed out Valium to me and my bridesmaids at the church. It was lovely, well... the parts I remember.  It was also brief. My soon to be husband had one request, "Keep it short".  In true man fashion he was mostly interested in getting through the ceremony without any major mishaps like lighting my veil on fire with the unity candle and getting on with the honeymoon.

So here we are many, many years later. What we've learned would probably fill several books. How's it been? That would depend on the day you asked. Christmas morning with adorable children jumping on the bed to wake us up: fun. Nights with both of them sick: exhausting.  Lost in London looking for the site of William Wallace's execution: frustrating.  Trudging through snake infested waters dragging a canoe because the river disappeared for 2 miles while I was pregnant: terrifying.
Racing each other down a ski slope in the Rockies: exhilarating. Some days everything I said to him: irritating. Some days everything he said to me: infuriating. Watching our daughter graduate from college and our son graduate from high school recently: satisfying. The fact that we still enjoy kissing after all this time...surprising (unless you are our kids then it's disgusting). 

There were days when we didn't want to talk to each other and days we didn't want to talk to anyone else. There were a couple of times we nearly gave up, and periods of time when we would have given Dr. Phil a headache.  G.K. Chesterton must have been thinking about times like those when he said  "All human vows, laws and contracts are so many ways of surviving with success this breaking point, this instant of potential surrender. In everything on this earth that is worth doing, there is a stage when no one would do it, except for necessity or honor."                                        

We look back on a couple of those times now and think..."wow, that was close".  Now, we're both still alive so we're not quite able to call it a complete success yet, but the odds seem to be improving, right?

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  1. I am pleasantly surprised that the General doesn't have on a confederate uniform in the wedding photos. As witness to only a few years of this union, I would like to observe that stubborness and a survivor instinct has had a role in the longevity of your relationship, as it has in mine... very nicely done, you two!