Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fireplace Facelift

I am in possession of a quality that women find practically repulsive in men, but men find very attractive in women; I'm cheap. So when I was busy making over our den (Do you remember those dreadful "before" photos?) I was most excited about a new set of fireplace doors. Something bronzy looking, with rich details, hand crafted...INSANELY EXPENSIVE.  Actually I didn't know about the last part until I went to look. Browsing casually around the local fireplace shop my husband passed a set that looked tolerable but not anything I could write home on my blog about. "This says 1200 dollars."  I strolled smugly over to see for myself...(okay I didn't believe him) and stifled a scream. That was the price. We were oh so politely informed by the salesman, who was obviously operating under the "one born every minute" premise, that that was just "stock" and we looked like we would want something "custom" (I suspect this was code for "you two look really stupid").  I told him in no uncertain terms "No, no, we are just browsing here, what we are actually shopping for is some heat resistant black paint." Which, of course, wasn't a lie because it had just that very moment become the truth.

 All things considered (mainly a savings of around 1180 bucks) I think this looks fabulous, don't you? Don't even get me started on how it killed me to pay 20 dollars for a can of spray paint.

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