Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion Redux

Here's a secret. I mean just between you and me, right? I don't like new and over priced if I can get used and free, or nearly free.  I have been doing most of my shopping for clothes in thrift stores for over 20 years. Does it show?  (If it did you'd tell me, wouldn't you?)              

It is these days  getting more crowded at the Goodwill. When I became addicted to the thrill of the thrift store hunt in the mid eighties the stores were a little to put this ...scary.  Generally it was just me and a bunch of folks who looked like they just got out of prison. These days I'm trying to find a place to park amid shiny Jaguars and BMWs.  Oh, the leveling effect of a rotten economy. 

My most favorite pieces of clothing ever have been things I've paid un-dearly for. I treasured the moss green cashmere Calvin Klein "sweatshirt".  I swooned when I found the huge silk hand painted scarf, vintage handbags cause absolute gasps of delight.

I adore labels like this one.

I'm generally looking for something unusual, with special details, or made from high quality fabrics.  Want examples? Here are a few:

Recently when my son graduated from high school I couldn't decide what to wear and so posted pictures of these outfits on my Facebook page and let my friends vote. Hey, I'm raising indecisiveness to an art form...or at least cheap entertainment for my friends.

The winning outfit.
This is how it looked on.

This lovely neutral number is completely (yes, including shoes and bag -but not jewelry) a thrift store ensemble. Silk skirt and top, name brand, less than $10. 


This little silk skirt is a retread from a local thrift store. The silk scarf- less than $2 at an antique store.  I adore the ruffle at the bottom. A ruffle can make a girl very happy.

Another silk skirt. See a pattern? Something about this reminds me of the story book, Madelaine. I have a thing for squiggly lines.

For you experienced bargain hunters, home decorating by means of the infamous "Road Side Pickup" will be covered in another post.

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  1. In reference to future post on curbside decorating, the correct terminology would be 'trash shopping." I think it may have even been officially coined by... US!