Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dress

Remember when I told you how I was lacking the estrogen bit that was supposed to make me a wedding obsessed mother-of-the-bride basket case?

Well, I did have a moment. 

My daughter planned for us to go shopping for THE DRESS. You have no idea the terror with which I looked at that date on my calendar. She wasn't thrilled about it either and was a little nervous. Then of course we had so many people tell us "You'll just never find a dress in this city...you'll HAVE to go out of town." So we both pictured ourselves, dejected and forlorn, gownless as the big day approached. Then after all that road trips would ensue.

We walked into a store. A delightful young woman helped us. We went around scooping up dresses we thought we liked. And one kind of poofy one just for fun. I sat down outside the dressing room and waited.

The door opened.

I had a little brush with some 25 year pent up emotion which I wasn't quite prepared for. She looked so lovely and while it wasn't THE ONE it was a wedding dress. The the assistant added the veil...

time stopped.

I suddenly saw in my mind every lost tooth, skinned knee, birthday celebration. Braiding hair, driving to softball practice, reading Little Women and Huckleberry Finn aloud by the fire, baking cookies, Christmas...How many times had I heard "Mom"?


"MOM!" Do you like this one?

"It's pretty, baby but I don't think it's the one."

"Yeah, me either."

Whew...public emotional disaster averted. Crying in public is just about my least favorite thing.

Which makes me a little concerned about THE DAY.

You'll be glad to know Dear Reader, that we found several lovely gowns in this store and narrowed it down to 4 within an hour.  There will not be weeks of roaming hither, thither and yon all over the south, hooray!

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