Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notes from the Kitchen

Here's a random look at what's going on in my kitchen a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

 Cutting a butternut and acorn squash in two to begin preparation for a winter squash soup.  An ice cream scoop is helpful in scooping out the   seeds.

If you are short on counter space, place a large cutting board over the sink. 

You cannot have too much chopped onion and celery. 

My dressing involves dried cherries and Italian sausage.

All the little bits and pieces that you would throw away can easily be thrown into the compost pile.

Composting helps us work on a waste free kitchen.

Don't forget to recycle!

The beginning of my daughter's favorite; coconut cream pie. 
You may have fancy pie weights but since I'm only indulging in this southern staple once a year I use dried beans.

The squash for soup when they come out of the oven after roasting for 30 minutes. 
Pie crust after baking and ready to fill.

Sauteed onions and carrots for the soup.

It's chaotic I know.

But that's just how it is! An aromatic multitasking madhouse!

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