Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sex and the City Library

I gasped audibly during the first Sex and the City movie when Carrie decides to marry Big at the New York Public Library. She says it's the perfect place to get married because they'd be surrounded by the great love stories of the ages. It is a great idea but more because a couple would be surrounded by the wisdom of the ages and that is what they are going to need to make a marriage work. 

Sometimes I scroll through other blogs just to see what kind of blogs people have and what they are writing about. Every modern couple seems to document everything from the engagement to the birth of the first child. After that a lot of them seem to go dormant, which makes me wonder if they just get tired of writing or if it isn't as much fun to document hurt feelings, compromise, and exhaustion as it was to chronicle diamonds, flowers, and nursery decor. Maybe that would be helpful, though.  A little solidarity in the trenches of marriage and parenthood might go a long way. A local church has  on the staff (instead of a counselor) something called a "marriage and parenting coach".  I like that. The word "counseling" intimates that something is wrong when maybe all that isn't right is just that people aren't sure of how to handle conflict or resolve issues. Coaching, which is basically giving people a playbook, rules, and tips on how to improve their game is probably more along the lines of what most people need to help them navigate murky relationship waters and prevent bigger problems down the road. Think how helpful for someone to teach you how to play as a team, especially when the team members often seem to be speaking completely different languages. 

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