Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Frenzy in Dixie

I have no one but myself to blame. 

Less than a week until Christmas, what have I been DOING?

I can tell you what I HAVEN'T been doing; baking, writing Christmas cards, shopping, watching holiday movies, and anything else that I suddenly realize with 6 days to go, should be done... NOW if it is going to get done at all. 

I HAVE been making time to be with people I care about, making myself available for my daughter's wedding related activities (very important stuff), and pretty much pretending that Christmas isn't just around the corner.'s time to pay the eleven pipers piping.

Is anyone else addicted to that adrenaline rush that happens when it looks like you might not make it?

I should be finished and have my feet up in front of the fire watching Christmas in Connecticut but I'll admit to being in a bit of Christmas rebellion. When the decorations arrive in stores in August and the carols are heard immediately after Halloween, I work hard to ignore it.

I've been a major success.

What am I serving on Christmas Eve? No idea.

What am I having for Christmas Day brunch? Beats me.

This is however, where many previous years of scrupulous planning come into play. Because I have...

The Binder.

It will save me. It contains every holiday menu I've served over the last 15 yrs. or so along with a master shopping list in a plastic sleeve to be marked off with a dry erase marker. It has lists of every present ever given, received, or contemplated along with receipts and price lists. It contains articles about holiday decor ideas from magazines and books along with photos of decorations I've used in the past, themes, instructions, etc.

It contains more ideas than I could get to in 50 holiday seasons. Asian themed it. Directions for making silhouette plates of pets for gifts...check. Web addresses for ordering personalized gift wrap...yep.

But at this point if I get out a few cards, finish my shopping, and make everyone feel welcome in my home while we sit next to the fire eating pumpkin pie, I'll consider it a blazing ;) success.

I killed off my perfection driven demons years ago and I don't miss them.

Neither does anyone else.

The documentation of those years is about to come in very handy though!

Time to "git r done"...

I cannot believe I just wrote that. It cannot be a good sign.

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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