Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Was Pretty Ugly (So Was I)

I should preface this post by saying that I'm generally very easy going. I don't have the emotional energy most days to spend on trivial things that won't matter in the long run. However every once in a while, something pushes me just over the edge...

I've been having a problem with my cell phone company. Long story, short, they needed to remove a charge for a service I no longer have.  It went kind of like this:

I go into the store: "Sorry, ma'am you have to call customer   service to get that removed."

I call customer service: "Sorry ma'am, you have to go into the store to get that removed."

Which then became: "You have to upgrade to get that removed."

All of which I did. Then the bill came. There it was.

Back to the store: "It won't let me take it off, you'll have to...(you know where we're headed, right?)

I decided to call customer service WHILE I WAS IN THE STORE.  You probably would have thought of that before.

And then I got...Nancy. Nancy did not want to help me. Nancy could not even feign concern over my problem. Really? If you are going to (you know the word I want to use here but this is a PG blog) me, at least pretend like you care for the 5 minutes or so it's going to take. Nancy was unfamiliar with this concept.

I told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her customer service skills, several people came into the store and quickly exited during my tirade. All the while the poor in store person, Alan is cringing and apologizing profusely. But he is very interested in helping me. Which he does, it takes him an hour on the phone with someone who is actually interested in keeping my business. While he is waiting on them to check what can be done, I review reasons why Nancy might be a...well, you know. Maybe her dog died, maybe her husband left her, maybe she has really bad PMS, or just needs therapy.

After a ridiculous amount of time spent on something that the company could have fixed in a matter of moments if they cared more about customer satisfaction than their company policies, they solved my problem.

And Alan? I took Alan a big platter of ribs and wings in appreciation for his help, and wrote the company a letter letting them know what a trooper he was.

The concept of customer service isn't all that difficult. I'm the customer. I have a problem. I want you to fix it and be nice while you are doing it. If there is truly nothing that can be done (which I doubt) tell me how sorry you are.

Don't take no from someone who doesn't have the power to say yes.

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