Friday, January 14, 2011

Magic Cocoa

 This time of year my family has one question. Are you making hot chocolate? It's a family tradition and everyone's favorite.

Swiss Miss?


You can generally go by the recipe on the back of any cocoa tin and that'll be fine. Here's mine:

1 C. Milk
1 heaping tbls. cocoa
2 tbls. sugar
pinch salt
splash vanilla (even better if you have time is to infuse the milk with a fresh vanilla bean)
dusting of fresh grated nutmeg

Double, triple, or quadruple as needed!

Heat all the ingredients in a pan over medium heat on the stove, whisking constantly. Until all the ingredients are incorporated and the chocolaty concoction is steaming.

Pretty basic and delicious but why stop there? The secret is in what we are going to top it with.

You can go with marshmallows if you want, which are extra special and amazing if you roast them over a fire first. My personal topping for the grown ups, however is fresh whipped cream beaten with 2 tsp. of powdered sugar and a splash of bourbon.

I know.

I'm wondering how you lived this long without it too.

Pour it lovingly over the top and add the zest from an orange. The chocolate, bourbon, citrus combination is magical.

Honestly, are you going to be able to open a foil pouch and add hot water... EVER again?

Yeah, didn't think so.

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  1. my cocoa box says tablespoons. is your measurement for sugar and cocoa tblsp. or tsp? and if TSP, is it enough?