Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cabin Fever Southern Style

Every girl needs a role model.
We have a low tolerance for being inside down here. A day or two is our limit. Here's what I've been up to.

A heated waterer for the chickens --why didn't I invest in that? Oh yeah, this is The South.

How often am I going to need it with global warming and all? So this winter, an unusually, cold, snowy, hunker down inside episode has had me boiling water in a kettle and running outside to pour it into a metal pan where it remains steaming momentarily with chickens drinking like crazy before it cools down and turns to a useless solid chunk.

Lesson learned.

I have taken to wearing a Mexican blanket wrapped around me sari style, only at home, of course over a gray cashmere robe that my daughter finds hideous. A tiny space heater has become a constant companion.

Oh yeah, and I've been eating...a lot. Whatever ancient part of the brain that kicks in when it snows and convinces me to consume copious amounts of carbs, I'd like to have lobotomized. The 4 hour documentary I watched on the Donner Party didn't help.

I've made every kind of soup imaginable. I've been to the store numerous times. I've finished books and tried to keep from whining remembering the visions of Earnest Shackleton that dance in my head.

I've baked, blogged, and bundled.

I've been reminded how much I complained last summer when it was 108*. I do hate the heat so.

What I haven't had to do this time is greet snow covered children at the door with towels, toss gloves and hats in the dryer, and park shoes by the fireplace to warm. Once the kids are grown you have to worry about how long it is going to take them to drive home from work and help them figure out if the side streets which are lonely are safer than the main streets clogged with bad drivers.

This morning as I sit here shrouded in woven colorful happiness,  my feet heated by a heater (and a beagle) the view outside is breathtaking. The sun is up and the snow is sparkling. I just saw something else that is also beautiful...


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