Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Case for Creative Giftwrap

Is it too late for a Christmas post?

I didn't think so.

My daughter gave her fiance a fabulous leather Fossil duffel bag for Christmas and was in a quandary about how to wrap it.

First we just wrapped in in this plaid paper (wanting something masculine) but then I noticed that the box was
nearly the size of a suitcase.

As is so often the case (pun intended) once I started I couldn't stop.

It begged for a handle. I twisted one out of brown paper. Straps I made from ribbon.

Travel stickers seemed to be in order so I made some
with winter and ski themes.

The gift tag became a luggage tag and I cut a key out of cardboard and attached them both with some twine.

I took a picture of it under the tree. Okay I'll admit I was a little proud of myself.

Before she took it to her fiance's house I gave her strict instructions NOT to allow him to pick it up.

Later I saw this.

"Why did you let him pick it up?"

"MOM! It had a handle. A handle says 'pick me up."

I must admit now being even more proud of myself. As you can see the "suitcase" endured the test.

Oh yeah, he was really happy with what was inside too.

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