Monday, February 7, 2011

Dog Days of Winter

This place is going to the dogs...    
4 dogs trying to get as close as possible

My daughter and her fiance had a Super Bowl party and asked us to dog sit our future grand dogs. This was the scene as I tried to get some reading done.

Here we have an exhausted (from what I'm not sure) college student doing his best to keep a comfort loving beagle warm on a cold night.

Not far away we have this.

Yeah, well, things are tough all over.

Did I mention we live in a zoo? Okay, not really but sometimes it feels like it. Since the cat decided to come downstairs putting an end to her self imposed 4 year exile, she has taken up residence on our bed where
she can be found most days...and nights.

"Oh...hi Mom."

Now I have a strict rule about no dogs on the bed. But sometimes when I'm not looking the rule breakers flaunt their blatant disregard for authority...

Cat: You do see the dog on the bed, don't you?

Dog: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Me: Cotton! OFF!

At which point the cat engages in diabolical feline laughter, licks her paw, curls into a ball and returns to sleep.

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  1. you failed to mention the rest of the fam... 2 hens 'cooped' up, braving the winter weather.