Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Housewife's Southern Winter Survival Kit

This has been a winter unlike any I've seen in the South in a very long time. When people are groaning instead of excitedly saying "SNOW" then I think we've all had enough. With another storm on the way everyone is giving advice on what to put in a winter survival kit. Mine may be a little different. Here we go.

1.  First things first. You are going to need a stack of books. This is what I'm reading presently. Yes, I know it's a sickness but I think we've covered that in previous posts.

2. You are going to need a cute hat (Which reminds me I need to learn to knit).

If you are found frozen to death in your car you don't want the people who find you to wonder why you were wearing an ugly hat.

3. You are going to need whatever it is you use to make your family's favorite chili or soup. It can stay on the stove simmering all day and people can eat whenever they want, my favorite!

I like to play a little game with the empty cans and see how many I can nest  before I discard/recycle them.

Click here to read about recycling cans.

Today the limit was 3 but I could have easily fit a small tomato paste can in here.

This is the kind of thing that my children say is the reason no one reads my blog.

Really? It seems so fascinating.

4. Walking/Running shoes, fitness magazine and exercise equipment.

You aren't going to let a little thing like brutal cold stop you, are you?

5. A water bottle. I know. Not what you were expecting but it's easy to forget to drink enough water when it's cold. I try to fill this one at least twice a day.

Yes, yes, we are getting to the good stuff.

6. Coffee. To which you can add any variety of things that can warm you on a winter day. ;)

7. A really good moisturizer and don't forget sunscreen just because it's cold. All those reflective UV rays off the snow, yikes! And sunglasses for the same reason.  Okay that's 3 but they're all related.

8. The ingredients for my magic cocoa. Click here for the recipe.

9. Seed catalogs...because spring IS on the way,

isn't it?

10...and beyond.
To all of this I might add: a real wood fire (not gas--what is wrong with people?), a camera to document the fact that it SNOWED here, candles, your coziest blanket, cuddliest pet, and most comfortable slippers. Happy hibernating!

One more thing (isn't there always?) this is by no means a definitive list. Please comment and add YOUR winter necessities.

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