Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Melting...

Ice crystals on my windshield
Okay, I'm not but it is. The snow, I mean. The other day in anticipation of wintery precipitation my husband wanted to go out for breakfast, something we never do unless we are traveling. He used to drive by the nearest Cracker Barrel on his way to work and think how nice it would be to go to breakfast there when it snowed. So with 100% chance of snow predicted and the radar showing it just miles away we headed out.

I wore my new hat.

I also wore some socks he bought me on a recent trip to a Civil War store for reenactors. You didn't even know such a thing existed, did you? Well, it does. He brought home a pair of red and white stockings that go all the way up past my knees. Sexy 150 years ago looked  a little different. No wonder Victoria was so keen to keep that secret. 

I hadn't worn them but they seemed just the thing to wear under jeans with boots the other day as we headed out. This is how it looked.

But when I got home and was taking my boots off I realized just how Wicked Witch of the South it looked. I had to take a picture to share with you.

Wicked sock & shoe combo

Thank goodness I wasn't killed in a car crash. Can you imagine the wisecracks?

"I thought a house fell on her."

"I thought it was a twister not a snowstorm."

"If we find her broom we can sweep this mess up."

ba da bing!

We left the house.

No snow.

We arrived at said restaurant.

No snow.

We ate by the window.

No snow.

We walked across the parking lot and got back in the car.

I saw this sign and laughed. Mr. Rogers would be sad.

Oh yeah and there was still no snow.

We went home stacked a fire, lit it, I took pictures of my Wicked sock and shoe combo for y'all and put on comfortable, warm clothes.

Then... it snowed

                                  ...and snowed.

All this while my car was still warm enough for it to melt on the hood.

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  1. it is a good thing i wasn't drinking coffee when i read this... love the wicked footwear. and the blog in general;)