Friday, March 18, 2011

The Anti-Wallpaper

I painted two rooms in my house and wanted something unusual. More than just plain paint but not anything over done, and certainly not anything so difficult to undo when I tire of it as wallpaper.
I remembered in an episode of Foyle's War (one of the best things I've seen on television in years) that in a manor house there was this white wallpaper with enormous Fleur di lis in black. I was smitten by it. It rattled around in the back of my brain just waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Black and white was a bit cold and stark for me. I like warm walls and wanted something more subtle.

I came up with this. The walls were painted a friendly shade of yellow and I made a giant fleur di lis stencil. I then used clear protective coat to roughly apply the pattern randomly.

The effect is very tone on tone and the giant French icons appear and disappear as the light in the room changes.

Some of them are only partially applied fading away into the ceiling or a window.

I did it haphazardly being a fan of imperfections in decor which I think lend character.

After the cost of the paint this design idea cost me about five dollars for the cost of the clear protective coat. The stencil I cut from leftover cardboard from one of Mr. Snarky's school projects.

Start to finish, the application took around an hour.

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