Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love is Smelly

You want to hear fun stuff about my recent adventure with my daughter, I know. I'm getting to it. But my brain is foggy, my body is weak, and my snarkiness depleted while I've got this danged pneumonia. It's the kind of illness that had me lying in bed for 24 hours thinking the ceiling was the most fascinating thing in the world, in Athens. Upon re-entry when the immigration official asked where I'd visited I was really tempted to say "hell", but they never look very jovial.  Once when re-entering in Atlanta I asked the guy "Is the country full?" (which I, of course found hilarious) He never cracked a smile and said "No. But some of these damn people comin' in here need to go back where they came from."

Alrighty, then.

When I deplaned the other evening (What day is it?) I only wanted to see my husband. I'm not a big fan of these contrived little holidays where we are all supposed to drum up some romance on cue. While I've been lying in bed feeling loved and pampered I've been thinking about...well, love.

Here's what the real deal looks like:

Your woman gets off an international flight looking like a refugee (truth be told probably smelling like one too not having showered in a number of days too embarrassing to mention) and you treat her like she's the best thing you've ever seen.

She has a raging fever and cold chills and you wrap your entire body around her and hold on tight until it stops and she can sleep.

Endless patience for endless requests.

Any man can talk a good game, come through with the occasional appropriate gift, and tell you you look great when you are already pretty sure yourself that you do. But there's that whole other side of life. So...

Perfume? I mean we won't turn it down.

Flowers? Bring 'em on.

Chocolate? Currently makes me gag, but you know normally...sure.

But by comparison to being taken care of when you can't really take care of yourself...they pale to the color of my face right now.

There. My one sappy sentimental post for the year. We will soon return to our regularly scheduled snarky programming.

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