Monday, March 21, 2011

A Poste Post

My most favorite ever, in Assisi
I'm attracted to post boxes. I stop if it's possible and take pictures of unusual ones I see especially when traveling. As much as I love the instant communication that technology makes possible, there isn't anything quite like a hand written note from someone who has thought of you.

I've written before in Love Letters and Moral Dilemmas about my adoration for all things hand written including how much I enjoy reading compilations of published letters between friends. When it came time to redesign The Professor and The Housewife blog I created a background that reflected the fact that we were essentially writing a series of modern "letters."

My daughter "posting".
While traveling in Europe with my daughter she was determined to send her fiance a postcard every day. Which she did. Sending even one is a bit of work; choosing the card, finding a place to buy stamps, then finding a poste box. I had a little adventure one day sending one off for her, which I will tell you of soon. 

This little metal post box was outside a home in Delphi. I loved that it looks like a little house!

The Vatican has its own stamps and post service so it's kind of a big deal to mail a card from here. I sent one of the Sistine Chapel to my artist son from this box.

I scanned the post mark when I got home so I could share it with you.

Britain has some of the most charming poste boxes I've ever seen. This one became the "Comments Welcome" sign for our blog.

This one is from our hotel overlooking Rome on my first visit.

Closer to home this one is at the Greek Orthodox church where I studied Greek with the most delightful retired priest.

Closer still, is this one which hangs beside my own front door.

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