Saturday, March 19, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...Volcanoes!

Remember when I posted all my brilliant advice about packing for travel? Well yours truly got her butt kicked in the preparedness department, shoe wise.  My last trip to Italy involved walking Venice, museums in Florence, and the Vatican. I took good walking shoes. I took cute flats. Good to go, right?

So when my daughter asked me to help her pack I told her to do the same.


Rome was freezing. Everyone was wearing boots. Our last night there after walking all day we lucked up on a shoe store just around the corner from our hotel. It's March, ladies. You know what that means. Winter Clearance Sale! The four shoppers in our group got cute new boots for

drum roll please...

Twenty euros!

Our rugged Italian tour guide.
The next day when we got dressed to climb Mt. Vesuvius and visit Pompeii we wore our boots. It was a good thing. Nothing prepared us for the sheer physicality of that little sightseeing trip. In America at the entrance of anything so grueling you'd have all these warnings suggested by lawyers not to climb if you were pregnant, a heart patient, and so on.

In Naples the government has restricted the building of houses on the side of the volcano, which is 5 years overdue to erupt. There are literally thousands of houses there. They aren't real big on following rules, let's say. So maybe they just don't see the problem in not letting people know what they are in for.

While I gasped and grumbled I thought of famous forced marches through history and pressed on.

It was worth it.

With every step I was so thankful for my new boots at the top I offered up a little offering to the goddess of a good deal. ;)

My daughter in her new boots

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