Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I Picked Up on My Recent Travels


But isn't he adorable? Young enough to be my son this travel companion was funny, smart, and talented. He made me wish I had another daughter.

Actually this post is about shopping.

Now you know how much I love a bargain, and that nearly all of my wardrobe comes from that charming little boutique, The Goodwill.  Even when I travel I want a good deal, though the money is a little easier to let go of when I'm thinking I may never be back here. So in Rome we marched straight from the Spanish Steps to the most expensive street in town, Via Condotti.

Prada. Gucci. Valentino. Armani. Dior...

We took pictures of the storefronts and kept going. I moved quickly because a stunning little turquoise bag in one window was positively screaming my name.  A couple of streets over were more reasonably priced stores. A sale sign and dresses for twenty euros was much more our style. We bargained for hats, gloves, and scarves on the street from vendors. Try to haggle as I may, I always feel as if I've still paid too much.

My inability to multi-task makes it hard for me to speak Italian, negotiate a price in euros, and imagine if I have anything to wear it with at home.

The premier find of this trip however was not an article of clothing but something we found in a little home store. A topper for my daughter's wedding cake! Highly whimsical and unusual, it made us smile.

And no. You may not see a picture of it.

You'll have to wait until after the big day. The bride likes secrets and surprises.

In a glove shop (A GLOVE SHOP! I love the Italians.) my daughter bought me the most beautiful pair of plum colored long gloves as payback for a favor I'd done for her recently.

We bought the requisite souvenirs, picked up some wine, and food items. And then of course at some point along the way I picked up the most expensive thing of all.


At least I didn't have to figure out how to get it home.

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