Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning

 I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to get my hands in the dirt and haul mulch and dig and sweat and plant things.

The apple tree is in blossom...

The daffodils are up...

nothing says "Southern spring" like brilliant

and sneaky violets.

But besides the urge to play in the dirt outside, this time of year has another effect. 

I'm in the mood to fling open windows and clean everything that will stand still. I can't help but wonder what makes us want to scrub, scour, and sweep, the house from top to bottom this time of year. Maybe it's that the longer days and brighter sun shed light on the amount of filth that's built up over a long winter.

It's not just my house...right? 

I read a book about the end of WWII in England. After living in blackout conditions for years, housewives were astonished when they finally removed the coverings from the windows and saw just what unclean conditions they'd been living in.

I can relate.

I swept the kitchen this week and my son walked through and saw the pile of dirt and dog hair.

"Was that in our house?"

I didn't have the guts to tell him that was just in our kitchen.

So today in some pent up burst of energy I have cleaned windows, washed curtains, swept porches, mopped floors, done all the laundry, vacuumed rugs, removed cobwebs, and hosed off door mats. 

I have also come to that seasonal conclusion that we have too much stuff.

In case you didn't notice this blog even looked cluttered and got the clean sweep.

It's hard to know where to stop...

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  1. can you head over here when you're done? that feeling you described just hasn't hit me yet.