Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stormy Weather

 Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky...

We've had so many storm warnings here in the south the last few days that I've taken to reading stories about the blitz in England during WWII so I can use the constant sirens as sound effects.

It really does add something.

Social networking sites have just turned into  weather update centers to tell me what I'm already hearing the local weather man tell me non-stop for hours on end. My favorite part is when they tell me to turn the TV up plenty loud so I can hear it from the closet and not to come out until they tell me to. In the next breath they let me know that they would love it if I could send photographs of the horrid weather...but only if I can remain safe while doing it.

My future-son-in-law was here last night and thought he was going to get to see Glee at its regular time. I explained that the weather frenzy would be taking up every channel. He doubted me. I changed the channel to humor him.

Okay, I really did it to prove my point.

No Glee. Literally or figuratively.

The weather man instructs us to put on our shoes and have an ID on us. I'm thinking about writing my SS# on my arm in sharpie so if they find my body in a tree whoever gets me down can steal my identity.

Oh blast! Lights are flickering so I'm rushing to post this.

Get the coffee ready just in case I blow into your town.

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  1. I could tell you what my weather is like, but it would not be as funny...