Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flooding, Bad Hair Days, and Other Natural Disasters

I'm up this morning watching the local weather and checking our county emergency preparedness site. We are in an area that is expected to flood. While I'm toying with the idea of moving all the furniture upstairs, I realize we are out of coffee creamer. When it rains it pours.

But on the other hand my hair looks great today. We had dinner with friends last night and I spent some extra time on it. I don't want to be one of those poor women you see being rescued  by the police or National Guard who look tragic. I may be a flood victim but I don't have to be a style victim...not yet anyway.

We've been in this house for twenty years. Before that my in-laws lived here going back to 1965. It's never flooded however FEMA says we are in a flood plain and our new neighbors have all had to buy flood insurance when they purchased their homes. We will shortly see if the government is  right.  Quite frankly we've been too concerned about relatives in Alabama who live in towns where tornadoes wreaked havoc over the past few days to pay too much attention to the level of the Mighty Mississippi and local rivers and backwaters.

We are paying attention now.

I'm packing a bag just in case we have to evacuate, imagining which pieces of furniture I'm going to want to haul upstairs, estimating how much time it would take to save my books, and hoping the power doesn't go out. I don't want to do all that in the dark.

My next big decision is rain boots: pink swirlies or polka dots?

This is what is directly on the other side of my backyard fence:


  1. in regard to boots, i'd go with the polka dots. move all the books upstairs, right now. and the dining room set, the little antique bookcase in the living room. leave the dog chair...
    omg, i don't like the looks of that ditch! be safe:(

  2. I did go with the polka dots. They are multi colored and give me more options. I have a funny story about the first time I wore them. It involves my mother-in-law in that ditch. May be an upcoming blog. :)