Monday, May 23, 2011

Musical Chair Fabric

Every once in a while I look around the house and see something I haven't seen before. How is it that something you see everyday disappears from view? I recently rearranged my dining room and noticed just how bad the chairs looked even though they'd been in my house for two years!

 The fabric itself wasn't horrid. Classic vintage 1960s brocade, but it had seen better days, thousands of them.

The front of this one was so worn that the foam was showing and coming apart.

Time for a change. I was in the mood for something bold. I like traditional but with a twist.  I found this coffee bag at a local shop and knew I could use it for, unroasted coffee beans fell out of it when I got it home. I originally thought of using it but burlap can be a bit scratchy, so I'll make something else out of it.  I found this oversized check at Hobby Lobby on sale and bought 3 yards. I could have easily gotten away with the chair covers for half of that but I'll find a use for the remaining fabric.


I know that Martha would want us to gather the proper tools, measure, and carefully cut and tack with our upholstery tools on our nifty craft tables.

Please. I could be done by the time I do all that. I eyeballed the amount of fabric needed for each seat and cut four squares. I heated up the hot glue gun. I know. That's cheating, but hey, I'm planning a wedding. I've got a few things on my plate.

I folded the fabric around the seats and hot glued it to hold it in place. At the corners I carefully (sort of) folded the fabric and used a U shaped naily type thing to hold it in place by hammering it in.

Oh, where am I doing this, you ask? On the floor like any real woman.

                                                 Craft table...I wish.

I then screwed the seat bottoms back onto the chairs.

Stay tuned to see how I'm going to use the remaining fabric. When I figure it out you'll be the first to know.

That really is an improvement, wouldn't you say?  Not a bad project for the cost of the fabric and less than an hour, start to finish. And NO I didn't forget the coffee bag. I'm getting to that.

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