Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogzilla vs. Bridezilla

My future son-in-law and I have been having a bit of fun at the bride's expense by continuously calling her "bridezilla."

He actually expanded it to include pretty much anything wedding related. "Shower-zilla" made a recent appearance. Honeymoon-zilla, cake-zilla, there isn't really anything that has to do with the upcoming nuptials that we can't entertain ourselves by adding zilla to.

I am happily welcoming a fellow snark into the family.

The other night while he was here I was talking about a recent blog post (a common question from them is, "Are you going to blog about that?") and he looked at me and said..."Blogzilla."

That made my daughter howl with laughter. "Blogzilla!"


Of course now I'm thinking of all the ways those cheesy monster movies could be used in blog related titles...

Mothra! How to protect your winter wardrobe.

The Blog

It Came From Cyberspace

The Creature From the Blog Bog

The Bad Seed (garden tips)

I Bury the (Martha Stewart) Living

The Blog Fog

Invasion of the Blog Snatchers

I Married a Monster From Cyberspace (Help for spouses of bloggers)

Revenge of the Blogger

So how about a little revenge of the reader? You can probably come up with lots more clever blog related titles than this, so let's hear em!

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