Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cutest Little Coop on the Block.

Okay it's the ONLY coop on the block but but it was in need of a little maintenance. I'm creative, the tending to things I'm not so good at. So if I take a room apart for a thorough cleaning, things aren't likely to go back just where they were. I mean, where's the fun in that? So when it was time to scrape and repaint the coop I saw an opportunity to have a little fun. Now this coop, built for me by an incredibly handy friend had peeling paint and in order to provide the hens with some shade my husband had leaned a piece of plywood against it. The day I went out to move it and a family of mice scattered in all directions causing me to make a screaming, thrashing fool of myself while my neighbors looked on, glad they'd gotten up early and not missed the morning's entertainment, I decided there must be something better to shade them.

Now for projects such as painting chicken coops and potting sheds I always remember what the Food Maven taught me while she was living here and working at a large home supply store in the paint department--don't forget to check the OOPS paint rack. The cans of paint that don't turn out quite right end up there. I got a gallon of turquoise paint that should have been thirty-two dollars for five, and a spray can of waterproof sealer for two dollars.

Nothing makes this housewife's heart sing like not having to pay full price.

Remember a week or two ago when I covered my dining room chair seats with that adorable black and white check? Well the remnants got used to make a couple of pillows which I'll be showing you in the next post, but I had enough left to make a shade for the coop by attaching clip rings. I had originally thought to hang them on nails or cup hooks attached to the coop but came up with the obvious solution of attaching them to the wire which leaves me free to move it if I need to. I can also replace the fabric easily with any remnant I come across.

So paint got scraped, while confused chickens looked on, bare wood got primed, paint was added and it was all topped off with a coat of waterproof sealer.

Isn't that an improvement? 

La maison de poulet (The chicken house).

Why does everything sound better in French?

How it looks in the garden.

A little makeover can make this housewife very happy...even if it's not for me.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. Love the chicken coop makeover!

  2. even if there were seventy-five chicken coops on the block, yours would still be the cutest by far! so, what do jane & mrs. b think of it?