Friday, June 10, 2011

Practice Walk Down the Aisle

One night last week while a hot June sun was sinking in the western sky, the bride and groom stopped by the house. A certain pair of shoes had arrived and Bridezilla was eager to try them on. She put them on and walked around. She stood next to her future husband to make sure she wasn't going to be taller than him. She stood next to her dad.

"Let's practice walking down the aisle."

We shoved the coffee table aside and my husband went and put on the shoes he's planning to wear on the big day, his black sharkskin cowboy boots. He'd been out cutting the yard so he had shorts on. It was very entertaining. They messed up and started over.  They started out...step. Stop. Step. Stop.

"I don't think people do it that way anymore." I said.

"You just want to glide down the aisle." added the groom.

"Start over; I'll sit on the arm of the chair and play my part."

"What part is that, Mom?"

I feigned tearful hysteria as my daughter rolled her eyes.

There was laughter and silliness. They started over.  I tried to soak up the moment. Between giggles I thought "This will never, ever happen again." I made mental notes: she looks happy while struggling to find the right pace, the dog is in the way, the furniture needs dusting, my future son in law is beaming, I see a lightening bug hovering over the lawn. I think back to a little girl out there at twilight, capturing them.

  Oh that memories could have been so easily held in the hand or trapped in a glowing green jar...

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