Saturday, July 9, 2011

Something From Nothing: Project 2

Remember when I recovered my dining room chairs and had all that fabric left over? The women in this house cannot count or measure.

I loved this fabric combination and knew I'd find more projects for it. You saw it on the chicken coop redux.
 I know we went over this when I redid those chairs but how is it that we don't notice things that need a bit of help when we see them every day?

This bench on the front porch finally screamed out for a makeover the day I threw my hedge trimmers, rake, and extension cord on it.

This looks ratty, doesn't it?

You can tell me.

 I had already used some of the coffee bag burlap to make this pillow for my dining room bench.
 I just whip stitched this by hand while watching Mad Men on demand.

Do you like that show?

The sets and costume design...

okay and maybe that rogue, Don Draper....

I used the excess fabric to make another pillow.

I repaired the bench and painted it a glossy black then sprayed it with water sealer.

I moved an iron planter from the back porch where no one sees it much next to the bench.

Viola! New updated, tres chic front porch, that cost me nothing except the price of a can of spray paint.






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  1. you're a decorating genius! i love the burlap coffee bag pillows. i have a huge coffee bag languishing in the closet. you've inspired me to get it out...
    and the porch is grand;)