Thursday, July 7, 2011

Studying Anthropologie and Yacht Shopping

I need a yacht.

Why are you laughing? 

I am in love with a set of dishes from Anthropologie called From the Deep.

I can imagine how beautiful they would be on a table topside while we dine as the sun sinks beyond the horizon...

"Darling can you pass the lobster?"

Okay, fine. I'll settle for a beach house.

Which I would clearly design around these dishes.

That little anchor in relief makes me giddy.

The stamp...oooh.....

The fact that the design is on the top AND the bottom...

I'm in love.

This is the inside (THE INSIDE) of the cups...

I'm in love with a squid...

The artistic detail is hypnotizing.

Can't decide if I should save for the plates and bowls or the yacht first...


  1. omg... i love these! you know how i feel about dishes.
    i could mix them w/ my traditional blue willow or just plain white.
    but, the last thing i need is more, right? did you say anthropology? hmm...

  2. Whenever we go into the store I fondle them in a way that makes everyone uncomfortable. lol

  3. i'm surprised that you didn't find a way to work in adele's song, rolling in THE DEEP... that would have been very clever;)