Monday, August 8, 2011

Time Travel

 Recently while antiquing I happened upon this book. It is a charming reader published in 1923 and appears to have been used in the state of Indiana as a text book. As soon as I saw it I knew it was coming home with me. Fabric cover with frayed edges, worn by use...The Housewife only has so much willpower.

Adorable illustrations of childhood innocence and wonder combined with travel, made my knees weak. If you add a vintage airplane and train you can sell me anything.

I could design an entire nursery with this picture as the inspiration piece. A travel themed nursery, is floating around in my brain just in case anyone wants to enlist me to help them decorate at any time in the future. I'm fairly sure my first gift to any descendents that might come along will be a globe and that Seuss masterpiece, Oh, the Places You'll Go!" 
  Here is the inside front cover. Love the past/present and American/native children in contrast.

                               Inside the back cover we see the concept repeated in reverse.

          According to the back of this book the price I purchased it for ($12.50) was astronomical. I'm weak, I know. Some things are not worth fighting. Vintage book + travel = instant cave in.

                                                      Back of this sweet little number.

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