Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Made Italian Seasoning

Every home needs an herb garden. The bees will love you and your family will as well when you are roasting a chicken with fresh rosemary or topping their favorite pasta dish with fresh basil. In the late summer before the whole thing fades to nothingness except the thyme and rosemary it's thyme ;) to harvest, dry, and store.

For Italian seasoning I like to plant: oregano, flat leaf Italian parsley, basil, and garlic chives.  You can start cutting and drying them in mid summer. Place them on a cookie sheet in a warm oven, or if you don't care how long it takes you can play Little House on the Prairie and hang them up to dry. A food dehydrator is more trouble than it's worth since it's another gadget that must be stored except for the couple of times a year you are going to use it.

When they are dried enough for you to crumble them in your hands break them up over a strainer to keep out the larger pieces.

Break them up until the pieces are fine enough to be used in an herb or spice shaker you have.

Store in an air tight jar in a cool, dark place until you need them.

You can experiment with different blends of herbs you like to make your own, one of a kind mix!

Perfect gift for the foodie in your life. :)

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