Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feathers in Her Hair and a Dress Cut Down to There...

I've heard from some of you that you wanted me to get on to the tutorial on the hair ornaments I made for my daughter's hair and my own for the wedding.

We were in a local bridal shop trying on dresses when she spied a comb with feathers that she fell in love with.

Price: $112.00


Doesn't $7.50 sound better? Yeah. I thought so too. That's what I ended up making our copy for.

The trick for getting the price that low is waiting until your local craft store has the items you need on sale. (Unless she's eloping you'll have plenty of time to wait out full price.) I hate full price.

I should say that I already had some thin jewelry wire, hot glue gun, and  the piece of vintage jewelry I used for mine.

I'm going to show you two versions. The one I made for her, and the one I wore.

Here's what you'll need.

  • comb/ hair clip
  • a piece of jewelry, rhinestones, or flowers, beads, etc. (make it your own!).
  •  jewelry wire/ wire cutters/ hot glue gun
  •  feathers

For the bride's version I attached the feathers to the comb by twisting the rhinestones (which were on wire) and wire into the top bar of the comb. I shaped the stones into a sort of wave. You could easily purchase an inexpensive glittery hair ornament from an accessory store like Charming Charlie's or Icing and just add the feathers. I added the "wave" I had made on top of the feathers, using wire to attach it. I pulled some of the stones up and away from the feathers for a slightly 3D effect. Then I trimmed the excess wire and quills, tweaked it a bit and Voila! A fairly close replica of the one the bride wanted.

So of course, given my penchant for feathers you had to know I was going to want one as well. The trick was to make it look very different that the bride's so I went with black over sized dramatic feathers and a piece of vintage jewelry, a clip on earring. Instead of a comb I used a hair clip.

My work in progress...
Wedding Central

I didn't want to break this vintage earring so I actually clipped it onto the hair clip and added glue to hold it in place. I glued the short feathers in place, then attached the more wild ones.

Me: Baby, do you think this is too dramatic?

Bride: You are the mother of the bride! If there's ever a time to be dramatic, this is it!

A bathroom, a bird in my hair. It seems very Hitchcock.
Okay, not like I needed a lot of convincing.

When I see this picture I wonder if I'm not channeling Tippi Hedren. I did get lots of compliments on it though, so I'm sure it won't be the last time I wear it.

Yeah, that's right. You can call me Lola...

Coming up soon: What to do with those leftover feathers.

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