Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Parent? The Next Generation

I wrote this original post 6 years ago, y'all! This is still one of my favorite pictures of us ever. I kind of feel like it sums up the universal mother/daughter relationship. Plus it makes me laugh because it looks like I'm in charge which I assure you I was not on that day.

Fast forward to today. There's a house and a new baby and the job that is a perfect fit for her life. And let's not forget her charming and fantastic husband who is everything I hoped he'd be when I stood there with my hands on my hips though I'm pretty sure what I was saying here was "Why didn't you eat breakfast? Of course you feel sick!"

What is it with this pose and the women in our family? 

Okay, let's talk parenting. 

You pee on a stick and it turns blue. Wow. What a less than grand beginning for a relationship that is going to be magical, messy, and maddening.  Today my daughter turns 26  32 and I'm trying to imagine what it is that makes people want to have children.

 Really. Think about it. It's going to tie you down, cost you a small fortune, and drive you crazy. You'll spend sleepless nights imaging the worst scenarios possible when they are late. (We always went with  "dead in a ditch") You will spend hours awake in the dark, first listening for them to cry, and later for the key in the lock and a sneaky foot on a squeaky step. When they've wrought all this damage, they leave. And this is AFTER you've risked your life for them.

Not in labor. I mean teaching them to drive.

So what makes us do it?

I know what makes the unplanned ones, silly. I mean the on purpose ones.

There is something built in that makes us want to care for and nurture our offspring. There is also something a bit selfish going on as Shelby tells us in Steel Magnolias (the font of wisdom--right after the Bible-- for all Southern women) when she announces her pregnancy to her mother:

"And when it's all said and done there will be a little piece of immortality with Jackson's good looks and my sense of style, I hope."

I think she hits it on the head at the end:


We hope the world will somehow hold itself together at least long enough for our children to grow up. We hope they'll be part of the solutions and not the problems. We hope they'll be better than us. We hope they'll be braver, more confident, smarter, and not make all the mistakes we made. We hope that they won't sit silently by while injustice rules the day. We hope they'll stand up for what's right.

I think something in us hopes they will change the world. 

Happy Birthday, Baby! You make the world a little better place every day.


  1. Love this! Happy birthday, Brittany!

  2. I heart this!!!!!! I love your "sassy" hands on hips look in the top pic. Your girl is beautiful and you can see that motherhood is a perfect fit for her. Oh it's so true. This weekend my two girls (22 (today) and 18) drove with 4 others (my son in law and 3 friends) up to Vancouver, BC (a 6 hour drive) and you can bet I worried a bit all weekend. I'll probably feel this way no matter how old they are. I couldn't wait to be a mom and thankfully my girls made it a lot of fun (most of the time). Even the not so fun times thankfully weren't anything compared to what others go through. lol.

    1. Oh thank you so much! And I don't think the worry, even when it's just somewhere in the back of your mind) ever goes away. When they have their own kids it all makes sense to them. You just cannot imagine how much a parent loves you until you hold your own baby and then a whole lot of stuff becomes clear. And yes, we had rough times but nothing compared to others as you say. Thanks for reading and commenting!