Thursday, December 29, 2011

Resolving to do Better

Got your resolutions ready for tomorrow night when people ask? They will, you know. It is THE New Year's Eve question, right after --who are you going to kiss?

You have decided not to make any?

Hey, I get it. You're thinking of all the ones you made in the past and didn't keep. All the goals you set but didn't reach...the marathon you were going to run, the book you were going to read every week, the Zen level of organization you were going to achieve...


But let's talk about this. Even if you didn't achieve all you hoped to in years past, you made a start, an effort, you probably gave it a good try for a while. The problem may have been that the goal was unrealistic or that you didn't get encouragement.


So without beating ourselves up, what are some worthwhile goals that we might set and be successful in coming close to, if not being able to completely mark them off our list?

Most people would like to tackle the Big 3: Fitness, Fix-up, and Finance.

Americans spend about 35 billion dollars a year on weight loss. Anyone you talk to, will talk about getting their homes, closets, and garages organized. Lots of people need to get their finances in order, get out of debt and save.

Think how much your life would improve if you could have more energy, find your car keys, and pay your bills on time. Pretty enticing fantasy, isn't it? Let's take it down a notch. Instead of tackling all those problems at once, let's work on a simpler thing--learning. This January first, resolve to LEARN new strategies for change. Work on improving in these areas, by learning from the experts.  If you are like me and didn't learn financial responsibility or healthy eating habits at home, you are going to need to fill the gap (I call it "mothering myself") with good advice from experts in the areas you hope to succeed in. If you don't have anyone in your real life to mentor you along the way, you can do what I've done and choose from the most successful people around to help you. It is why successful people write books and maintain share their knowledge.

Here are some people and/or websites to get you started:

Finance: Dave Ramsey

Organization: The Fly Lady

Self Education: Open Culture

Fitness: Fitness Partner
             Look Great Naked  (Do you love it?)

Baby step your way to change. Dave Ramsey and Fly Lady both us the "baby step" concept to help you get started. You don't have to feel out of control when shopping or eating. You don't have to lament over the education you didn't get. It doesn't cost you anything to get your house in order.

Change is possible...

Start small...

moving slowly toward a goal is better than standing still in defeat...


The only real failure is giving up. There is power in momentum, so start moving in the direction you want to go. Where would you be now if you had started last year?

Where can you be a year from now, if you start today? 

Even slightly better is...BETTER.

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