Friday, March 23, 2012

Recycler's Glass Menagerie

This is one of those posts that makes my daughter roll her eyes. As if you couldn't figure out how to save glass jars without my telling you.  That's not the point. It's a reminder. We thoughtlessly trash a lot of very useful items, then go out and buy something similar. That's wasteful and silly when all we need is a little intent. You aren't going to want to whip up some of the upcoming fun home made goodies only to realize you have nothing to store them in. step at a time...

 I'll confess that when I'm at the grocery I'm not just selecting the jar of olives or jam I want; I'm giving the container a once over. I know I'm going to try and reuse that piece of glass, so if something I want is on the shelf and one container is more attractive than the other, I'm going to choose the one I think my body cream would look best in. Glass is the most easily reused product. It's easy to clean and attractive and it doesn't hold scents like plastic does.

Speaking of things holding on to a scent...the other night I chopped garlic, then later put on some  body cream. I smelled like someone's Italian grandmother. There's a reason there aren't any garlic scented bath products...

Don't forget to save all those deliciously delicate containers from your bathroom. Tiny lip balm pots, and the elfin-like jars filled with commercial eye cream or blush can be reused to hold your own creamy concoctions.

Labels that are clear plastic are a dream; they peel right off. You could leave your labels on, of course, but I'm funny about getting body scrub or moisturizer out of a jar that says "pickles." Maybe that's just me.

 99% of us need or maybe just want, inexpensive and simple...I'm on it in the next post with something wonderful for your frugal faces!

More about glass cutting and how to make a cute little set of juice glasses coming up soon!

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