Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Kinds of Things do You Do with YOUR Friends?

Yesterday I had lunch with one of the people I love the most. I hope you have some friends you adore. Sometimes life is tough and you are going to need someone to hold your hand. Sometimes you are ridiculously happy and you are going to want to share it with someone who is genuinely glad for you. Sometimes life is silly and you are going to want someone who will throw all manner of dignified caution to the wind and do a little chicken rustling with you in front of people they've never met...

After meeting for a downright decadently Southern lunch of barbecue chicken, we headed over to William Sonoma. How can they keep coming up with dishtowels and table settings that are painfully beautiful? It's always fun to try and figure out what everything on the wall full of kitchen gadgets is for. We stayed long enough and chatted loud enough that the sales woman ended up with websites to order poultry from and had her questions about beekeeping answered.

We just try to spread the backyard homestead love wherever we go.

At the bee yard on Saturday I met a man who was getting rid of his chickens and he overheard me tell someone else I was looking for a Rhode Island Red. He gave me his card and told me to feel free to come get it one day this week. I shared this with my friend, we decided we would take them all since he was planning to eat them if he couldn't get rid of them.

Well, we couldn't stand the thought of that!

Did I mention our delicious lunch?

We're women. I can't be expected to explain why one thing is yummy and the other is unthinkable.

So I call the man to let him know we'll take them all, and get directions.

My husband: "What are you going to put it in."

Me: I don't know we'll figure something out."

My husband: "So you have no plan?"

Me: "Yes the plan is to figure something out later."

I know what he pictured: Me driving in rush hour traffic with a wild hen flailing around in the SUV and me trying to explain the situation to the officer who would arrive at the scene of the accident. 

We decided cardboard boxes from the store she manages would be good enough. We arrive at the home of these poultry rescue cases and after some friendly small talk we go to the back yard to pick up the birds...

sounds easy enough.

Have you ever chased a chicken that doesn't want to be caught? The first three were a cinch, but there is always one trouble maker. I held onto my hen while walking gingerly around trying to herd the other one back toward my friend. The chicken ran around the garage. The chicken ran around the pool...and some bushes...an a forest of wire tomato cages. The man, who I think was enjoying the entertainment went into his garage and came out with a long fishing net.

Now it was going to get interesting.

There was chasing. Lots of swooping with a net. Some screaming. Some squawking. Lots of laughing. Eventually she emerged from behind a fence, victorious and into our boxes and cars the chickens went. Never knowing the fate they had avoided.

Oh and my chicken? She went quietly into her box, and never made a sound all the way home.

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