Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Porch Southern Revival

Bringing back cottage charm...
Southerners love a good revival and we believe nothing is beyond the point of redemption. Even prodigal porches.

The sad story of a back porch in winter is that things tend to collect there. We have evening fires, nearly every night and firewood and our rush to get back inside conspire to make a mess of it. Items not needed in the house end up there as a rest stop on their way to garage sales and charities.

Spring brings the end of fire season and for the first time in months I notice how unfriendly it looks.

Time to reclaim it!

After a thorough sweeping, hosing, and cleaning as well as discarding all the unused items that accumulate there during cold short days, I'm happy to cheer it up again and infuse it with cottage charm. Freshly scrubbed everything and vintage fabrics create a welcoming place to sit and tell you about it!

It once was lost, but now it's found. 

Do you have an overlooked space that could use some attention? The reward is definitely worth the effort! I didn't spend any money on this redo. It was all a matter of cleaning and relocating things from other parts of the house or bringing out things that had been stored away.

 If you have lovely things, you might as well use them. What are you waiting for?

Try rearranging things or putting things together in a way you haven't thought of before. Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration!

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