Friday, May 18, 2012

Piece By Piece Garden Shed

This is not mine...
I had this little fantasy. See picture at right.

I decided to give an old structure on our property a little makeover.
It started out twenty years ago as a playhouse for my daughter, built by my father-in-law. When she outgrew it it had a second life as a rustic shed for housing lawn mowers and broken lawn chairs. One day I had a vision of something a bit more appealing in the back yard and set about dismantling it.

I may not be very good at building things but I am a master of destruction. Give me a crowbar and a sledge hammer and stand back. Sometimes when I'm dismantling things I'm reminded of that verse in the Bible about how the wise woman builds her house but the foolish one tears hers down.

All I can say is you gotta start somewhere.

This is mine.

And YAY! After tearing something apart you get to rebuild it. I'd had old windows laying around here for years, without any real purpose. A couple of years ago I acquired a door that a friend's parents were throwing out, and a neighbor had given us a pile of wood left over from a building project. Could I repair and remake without buying anything?

I probably could have. But then my husband got involved and he was determined that I should have a proper roof for my new project. Plywood, felt, shingles, labor, (he hired a friend to finish it).

Price: $220

I have simply got to get over my fear of power tools. I cannot look at the circular saw without thinking of Walk the Line...

I've cut all the pieces I needed using a hand saw.

 I've used every single scrap of wood, window, corrugated metal and rusty nails we had laying around here and now I've come to a standstill. So I'm on the hunt for something to finish one inside wall and the front. I'd really like the front to have lots of glass maybe with a screen door. The whole thing is wonky in sort of a Dr. Seuss way, because I'm not a detail person. My husband keeps offering me a level.

A level? What is he trying to say?

I stand back and take a look after I've hammered things into place.


It looks alright if you sort of tilt your head...

I had Mod Podged travel maps to this window in a prior project. Water can be used to loosen the adhesive and a razor blade to scrap it off. It took about 45 minutes, but it was worth it to have this beautiful big window to let in some light.

Where to go from here...

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  1. oh, goodness... it looks promising! keep going. good job:) can't wait to see the next installment.