Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretend Travel at Epcot

Traveling to Orlando with a 20 year old means that your child understands your desperate need for things like coffee and sleep.  First thing on the agenda as we began our day at Epcot: coffee.  We procured a map to study while we woke up over breakfast at Sunshine Seasons located in The Land pavilion. Fortified with caffeine and food we were ready to start our day.

After Space Ship Earth, which uses some clever technology at the end to make the ride a personal experience by inserting the rider's faces into a futuristic cartoon, we needed food. We'd rushed to catch the shuttle from our hotel, Hilton Garden Inn at Sea World. The shuttle departs and returns twice a day for Disney and the driver notes how many are in your party and what time you want to return to the hotel. The ride takes about 20 minutes or so and lands you closer to the entrance than if you drove and parked yourself. At the end of the day the fireworks start precisely at 9:00 and the last shuttle leaves at 9:45 giving you plenty of time to make your way out of the park and across the parking lot. Like most things in this area, they have it down to a science taking much of the worry and trouble out of the experience.

Okay, so today I'm having a little fun with the real vs. the Epcot versions of travel destinations...
Mr. Snarky in the real thing.

Epcot China.

Epcot England

London 2001
In Epcot China, he compared what he was seeing to what he saw when he was in China a couple of years ago, and shared memories of that amazing trip with me. He decided that there weren't nearly enough people to make it feel authentic. In Epcot Venice I explained the things that we were seeing and what a sad imitation they were of the actual place. In Epcot Morocco we ate an exotic dinner complete with belly dancing and discussed the trip we would like to take to North Africa at some point in the future. My son has his mother's adventurous spirit and we imagined that we'd be the only family members interested in that particular journey.

Epcot Venice, St. Mark's Square
At some point during the day, surrounded by snippets of global architecture, and park visitors from around the world, we wondered, why it is that when people are so much alike--nations just can't seem to get along. Discussions of big ideas, the world's problems, and potential solutions are one of the rewards you reap after years of saying "No!" and fighting over bath time. I'm thoroughly enjoying having adult children who are thoughtful open minded adults.

Wasn't that the goal all along?

In the real thing, with a snarky sign for my daughter
Epcot does Mexican
Loving me some Chichen Itza!

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