Friday, June 22, 2012

So, I Was Like...

Like: interj.
a particle meaning roughly saying. (Always with some form of be. Never used in formal writing.) :  And I'm like, “Well, you should have put your hat on!” 

I say this a lot. And I'll admit to thinking it's annoying. I need a "like" intervention; maybe Grammar Girl could open a rehab. I'd gladly admit myself...

When did like become a replacement for:

"I said" and  "I thought?"

If you know someone who includes this in conversation, you may find yourself often asking "You SAID that?

 "Well...I didn't SAY it...but I was thinking it!"

This vagueness, this grammatical limbo, this unbound 50 shades of grey between what actually did or didn't happen and what was or wasn't said is part of the appeal for some.

For some of us it's a bad and lazy habit we've fallen into and we can't get up. Maybe someone should make a grammatical emergency alert button to be worn around the neck.

"Help! I'm constantly using like as an interjection that is unnecessary and makes no sense!

Like HELLO!"

Oh Geez.

It's another example of the fact that I write better than I talk.

(Notwithstanding this particular post.)

I should only be allowed to communicate by Etch a Sketch.

"And then I was like, 'Oh no! Our entire conversation was erased when I tripped over the dog!"

Okay, maybe that wouldn't be so helpful...

Do you have something you say out of habit that you wish you could stop saying?

Let me hear it and I'll be all like..."I feel your pain!"

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