Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Practical Nerd Brain VS My Fashionista Brain in the Shoe Store

The two sides of my brain often give me problems...

All I wanted was a pair of shoes.

In about 6 weeks I'll be embarking on the trip of a lifetime (I call them all that until I start planning the next one). It will mean hours of walking on cobblestones in old world cities in unpredictable weather. Practical walking shoes will be in order.

I used the words "practical" and "shoes" in the same sentence. Feel free to make a sad face. :(

If you have shopped for a "walking shoe" you know one thing: they are ugly. And they are expensive. Okay, maybe you know two things.

Researching all of the available options online I read several reviews from customers about each brand. I know I should be inspired by phrases like "good arch support." My intellectual brain knows that this is what is going to be of primary importance after about 6 hours of walking shoe review ever said "These shoes make your legs look like a million bucks."

You can make your sad face again. :(

After doing all my online research I headed out to the brick and mortar stores.

Remember that 1960s show Lost In Space? Remember the robot that would frantically wave his arms and yell "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!"?

Yeah. It was kind of like that. Only it was in my head. And it was "Danger! Leopard print! Hot pink! Sexy heels!

Here are some samples of the shoes I NEEDED to be shopping for...

Here is what I kept trying on...

To make matters worse I haven't bought myself anything new to wear since Thanksgiving so the word SPLURGE kept popping into my head.

SPLURGE is a very dangerous word. Please note the name of this blog. I should also point out that SPLURGE is relative. For me it would mean spending as much as $85.00 on a pair of shoes. I know for some of you that isn't a big deal, but I recently wore a $5.00 dress from the Goodwill to a wedding. Coral cotton eyelet was perfect for an outdoor event in record breaking heat. Here's a pic of me with my daughter, who would not be caught dead in a five dollar dress:

On top of all of that the nerdy part of my brain kept saying "There is a bookstore right over there!" I couldn't help thinking how many books I could buy with the money I had budgeted for these shoes.

Stupid nerdy brain. Leave me alone when I'm shoe shopping! 

So hard to stay focused on a mission when temptations abound...

At Stein Mart early in the day I happened upon a pair of Privos by Clark. Good reviews online, extremely comfortable, and not hideous. Not hideous being the key selling point. I think they may even look okay with a short skirt for day trips.

After visiting a dozen other stores to see if I could beat the price or find something I liked better, I went back and picked them up. Black is so practical. They didn't come in pink.

Feel free to make that sad face again. :(


  1. I vote for the black ones AND those red numbers, too.

  2. I did buy those black Privos, but OH how I was tempted by those red ones!