Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chocolate For Breakast: Healthy Grown Up Style

When I was a kid chocolate for breakfast meant someone had had a birthday the day before and there was cake left or my mom had bought those disgusting chocolate Pop Tarts. Oh...the things that pass for food...

But we're in the midst of a food revolution.

Today, you can have chocolate in the morning without the guilt. It may even be good for you.

Read about the health benefits of cocoa consumption here.

Here's what was served up this morning in the 99% kitchen:

Before cooking

This is a new oatmeal brand that I found at Target by a company called Earnest Eats. This is the Mayan blend, one of 3 flavors, it has cocoa, pumpkin seeds, and cashews. You can read about the American and Asian blends here. It's a little pricey at $6.99 on their website but I found it at target for less than five bucks. If you buy cashews for a snack as I do you know that they aren't cheap and I'm willing to pay for quality ingredients. Aren't you willing to pay a bit more for actual food instead of a collection of chemicals and preservatives? It cooks in the microwave in 2 minutes. Now let me warn you if you are use to eating sweetened prepackaged oatmeal (why are you doing that?), this is NOT sweet. Of course the more you cut sugar from your diet the less you need that sweetness. I would say that most people will want to drizzle a little honey on top of this, but the aroma, texture, and taste scream YUM!

For a breakfast that covers all the bases on frantic back to school mornings, pair this with a chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Blend dark chocolate almond milk, frozen fruit and all natural peanut butter (the ingredient list should list peanuts and salt ONLY ).

 These are some of the ingredients I like to mix up. When those bananas are turning brown and your kids won't eat them, slice them up and freeze them. They are the base for a wonderful banana smoothie made with almond or coconut milk. Frozen bananas have an ice cream like texture. For extra protein add a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter. You can also add a bit of organic coconut oil or protein powder to any smoothie. I'm a big fan of fresh grated nutmeg on top.

Read an article about the benefits of coconut oil here.
And one for nutmeg here.

This power packed breakfast doesn't really take that much longer than a cold bowl of cereal. Whole grains, fruit, protein, nuts, and yogurt. Your gang will be ready to take on the world!

Or at least anything from fractions to chemistry. Happy breakfast! 

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