Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photographic Memories

I'm just home (I think. What day is this?) from a 9 day cruise of the Baltic capitals. I allowed myself nearly two weeks of being unplugged and disconnected. I'll admit I missed sharing everything with you but the schedule was so crammed I wouldn't have had time even if I'd wanted to pay for the ship's super slow over-priced internet package.

There are lots of pictures (you knew that, right?) coming. I'll spare you the entire 1,978 because I'm nice that way. My travel companion and fellow blogger The Food Maven was along with her camera in tow so we have those pictures to look forward to as well putting the total at somewhere around 4,000 photos.

Yes. I know. We are obsessed.

However, when life is moving at jet speed and (I was looking for some clever ship connection here, but I don't think "knots" is it) documenting the details becomes more important. Plus at dinner it's fun to make the other diners wonder why you are rearranging the table and photographing the food from every possible angle. There are new babies with fewer photos than some of our meals on this trip.

Sometimes the tables (or bars)  are turned. After photographing the bottles, bars, drinks, glasses, and bartenders at the martini tasting on the first sea day, the bartender asked if he could borrow the camera to take a picture of me.

That's that photo karma returning to me for all those pics I offer to take of couples and families on vacation. It is a simple thing that makes people happy when they are doing the "now you take one of me" game with the camera. I'm obsessed with making sure everyone returns home with fun group photos.

 It was so bad that at times we resorted to taking pictures of each other taking pictures...So gird your travel photo loins, intrepid readers, the onslaught is coming.

Did I mention we're obsessed?

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