Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That's It. I'm in Love

Don't we make a cute couple?
I've fallen in love and it is one of those tragic stories of longing and desire that will most likely end badly. Or sadly. Or something. Sometimes you just can't make the fleeting object of your desire your own.

I hate that. 

Impeccable manners, a charming accent, an eye for design, great style, hip, clean, smart, rational, and absolutely beautiful.  Who has stolen my heart, you ask? Well it isn't a who but a where. You see, I've been to Scandinavia and let me just tell you...three days with a new love isn't anywhere near enough.

I know what you are thinking. "Weren't you head over heels for Italy?"

Smitten with Finland...
I was. I am. I always will be. But Italy is like the exotic well traveled older man, worldly wise, who likes a conquest. I was more than happy to oblige with my whole heart while he seduced me with coffee, wine, and breathtaking vistas. And history. Oh the history. And fountains. Art. And his accent. Oh yes, that. And when he spoke Italian passionately. I mean, what's a girl to do?

But the old guy has some serious competition. 

Sweden: He's so fine...
Let me introduce Scandinavia. Denmark, Finland, and Sweden are the younger guys in tight pants who want to talk about the future while they unclutter your life and mind. While Italy showers you with gifts of one kind then another, Scandinavia says "Baby, you don't really need all that." and you believe him. He's subtle. He doesn't need to be pushy to get what he wants. He'll have you begging to paint the walls white and ride your bike to the bakery. He isn't living in the past. Old lovers and conquests, he remembers. But this guy has his eye on the future. He's got big ideas. He's got vision. And he has that one really important quality in a man. He can clean up after himself. In fact, his place is spotless. (swoon)

On top of all that, he's willing to give you space and time to breath.  Italy is amazing and he knows it. Oh how he knows it. In fact he keeps pointing it out. "Darling, aren't I amazing? Aren't you lucky to be with me?" He just can't stop talking about himself. Scandinavia doesn't need to do that. He'll win you over with friendly confidence. He'll put you at peace. He'll make you smile.

The fleeting nature of our meeting is a little hard for me to deal with. I have a memento or two to remind me of our brief time together, but I can't let myself believe it was a one time thing. So in the style of heroines of love stories down through the ages, I'm plotting a way to get back to him...for 3 more days, or weeks,
 or years...
Denmark: Did I mention he's charming?

Waking up next to Sweden.


  1. amazing, beautiful writing... as usual i'm in awe.

  2. And I look upon the place as a woman: the easygoing companion, the happy traveler, the intelligent conversationalist, the energetic adventurer, the fit and sleek athlete, the rational (co)decision maker, the wise and peaceful nature-spirit, the soul soother, the passionate lover, the fresh, clean, alluring beauty, simple and sophisticated at the same time...

    So, we're both head over heels captivated and angst-ridden at too short a stay!

  3. Oh GirlieBlogger, you will LOVE it! The Italians enjoy life like no one else. They are passionate lovers of each moment of the day. My first visit still ranks as the happiest week or so of my life. So start saving. So totally worth it.

  4. Let's go back... I'm homesick :(

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