Friday, October 5, 2012

Spritual Spaces in the Public Realm

 There are a lot of places that, due to silence and inspiration, and the fact that you have to turn off your cell phone, are good for thinking. We need meditation, prayer, and the time it takes for centering one's self. That can happen not only in places of worship, but other places as well. The park, the yoga studio, and for me lately, the art museum.

I'm in training to be a docent at the Brooks Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the state of Tennessee. A two year program, the first 6 months are devoted to classes in art history, teaching styles, and public speaking. There is something soul soothing about being able to spend long periods of time observing...discussing a work of art. Taking time to quiet one's mind means that the more you look, the more you see...

 Light of the Incarnation  Carl Gutherz  1888. Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

 One of my favorite pieces in the museum.  Gutherz captures majesty and an infinite number of angelic beings in this work. A heavenly celebration. This is large a piece and you feel the grandeur he was imagining in heaven contrasted with the simplicity of the place of Christ's birth.
 I love these two angels with the light on their faces and their brilliant wings.

The Slaying of Medusa, ca. 1680
Luca Giordano.

Perseus finishing off the Gorgon. I love a good hero, don't you?

Ecce Homo,ca. 1612
Bartolomeo Mandfredi, Italian.

Speaking of heroes...

                       My favorite space in the museum. Serene. Inspiring. Reverent. 



  1. On the Slaying of Medusa, what's with the smiling tooth?!?!?

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