Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day: A Mother/Daughter Tradition

Mothers and daughters share all kinds of special things. If we're all being honest lots of the special moments involve shopping and eating. But sometimes an unexpected bonding event works its way into a family. For us, one of those moments is election day. One of the things I hoped to instill in my kids when they were young was a love of country and a sense of the importance of good citizenship. I actually expected that once she was married and voting in her third presidential election she'd just go and do it on her own. But I got a call this morning asking when we were going. I'd actually already gone, but made plans to go with her anyway.

Gotta have that photo ID in Tennessee!
If only everyone was so excited about their right to vote. The poll workers were sure she was a first time voter. I am amused by the "Please turn cell phones off" sign. The Millennials are so not going to do that. And by the way only 18% of them (21-29) are going to bother to vote.


  1. What a wonderful tradition. I have two daughters and I hope to start many great traditions with them.

    1. And you'll discover, as I did, that some of them just happen and are things you wouldn't have thought of as "traditions." Thanks for reading!