Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Santa Chronicles

This is me with what use to pass for a Santa back before Santa school, real beards, and Kris Kringles who could make a tidy year's salary between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the mall.  You've got to love the Buddy Holly glasses on him and the red cowgirl boots on me.

Okay, and that Santa is in a trailer with bad wood paneling in the parking lot of a K-Mart.

I think it helps to focus on the boots...

Is it just me or does time fly faster than Santa's reindeer?

1985 The Pretty Princess was 2 weeks old.
It became an annual tradition and I was nearly obsessive about it. I was determined for my kids to have their pictures made with Santa EVERY year until they were 18 or so. It sounded so easy in the beginning. You take the baby, and eventually babies, stand in line, plop them on Santa's lap while some teenage girl in an elf costume tries to get them to smile, snap! Pay here.

Here's your photo...

She really wasn't sure about this at all but by the following year she had made up her mind.

She was terrified of Santa.

Well, the costume is a really bad one, I'll admit. I finally had to tell the photo elf to just take the picture screams and all.

A year later she had discovered HE BRINGS PRESENTS! Well NOW we are talking.

I'm thinking this was a My Pretty Pony, Cherry Merry Muffin, Care Bear discussion...

Around this time she realized the whole Santa visit was also a photo op.

Now she's just working us...and Santa.

She is still VERY good at this. 


Sharing the spotlight.


Well he can't ask for much, right? 

This was the year we discovered a nearly authentic version of Santa. He even had me fooled.

This is my all time favorite.

So precious.


I miss that.

The haughty Mr. Snarky made his first holiday appearance in '93.

His expression sums up his whole attitude.

You gotta problem with that?
 While waiting in a long line for our chance to visit with Mr. Claus Mr. Snarky disappeared. Two parents and two grandparents were looking frantically for him when we heard a man yell "HEY! That's not my kid!" My husband and I exchanged glances that said "No. He would be ours." There he was, sitting on SC's lap with another boy. When we asked him why he cut in line he just said "He's right there, why are we standing around?"


A couple of years came off without a hitch and the kids looked forward to it.
This was the year the malls discovered if they took real photos instead of Polaroids they could charge fifteen dollars instead of two.

The princess is in the braces years, Mr. Snarky is in the full throes of Legomania (symptoms include a crazed facial expression whenever the toy is discussed).

Time just kept marching on...

and on...

The kids got older, the lists got longer, the Santas got better and the photos got more expensive. 
We had just returned from London, where I had wanted to have the Santa photo made but was informed that the kids would have to STAND next to Father Christmas as sitting on his lap was considered...sort of suggestive.

Oh heaven help me, are they kidding?

We all especially love this one of Mr. Snarky...

He recovered nicely the next year from whatever was wrong with him, part of which was probably my decision to let him wear whatever he wanted. Clearly, in this picture his sister and I had laid down the fashion law.

The photo above was the last year I insisted they get the photo made.

The next two years they missed doing it so much that the following year they went and secretly had it made, framed it and gave it to me for Christmas. There was almost a tear.


In 2011 my daughter's darling husband joined our family. Her brother is glad to be off the hook as her holiday photo companion. 
My daughter's new Christmas photo companion: her darling husband.

2012    Who needs Santa?


Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End Is Near

I'll admit this year I was kind of hoping those Mayans were correct and not just that they got bored working on their calendar decided it would be more fun to play a joke on us. A joke with a punch line that comes centuries later. Sure, Mayans, laugh it up.

Of course I'm not really counting on the whole thing falling apart tomorrow, or I wouldn't have rushed around yesterday finishing my Christmas shopping. Dang, it's just Y2K all over again. These end of the world prophets just keep disappointing me. I actually am going to have to clean out those closets and find storage for all this Christmas crap one more year, I just know it.

 I'm going to have to see more commercials for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (clearly civilization has already ended and none of us are very bright). I'm going to have to worry that we're going over the fiscal cliff. I'm going to have to get new tires. I'm going to have to call my mother.

Way to go Mayans. Way to go.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

No Idea What to Wear? A Little Black Dress of Course.

Silliness was in the air last week while 2 friends and I spent a week on the Georgia Coast together, laughing hysterically and wreaking havoc wherever we went. One of the highlights of the week was attending the Little Black Dress Show at the SCAD Museum of Art. If you can't make it there before it ends in January here are some pics: 

One wicked queen gown for wearing to run the world. Yes, please.
The only way I'd get married again. In black Oscar DeLaRenta.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soul Mate Reunion 2012: Settling In

The cure for whatever ails you is probably large doses of time with people who love and care about you. Your tribe of friends is actually much better for helping you find your way than even the best compass. I'm in Savannah Georgia at the home of my friend, The Food Maven for a week of relaxing, reconnecting, re-energizing. This year we are joined by our other dear friend. Our hostess has deemed this week, Soul Mate Reunion 2012.

I bought my travel companion and I matching compasses to wear around our necks as pendants. On the flight from ATL to JAX I decided to photograph mine against a backdrop of clouds out the window.

Can we all just take a moment out of life to breathe deep and orient ourselves?

 There's nothing like arriving at your temporary home to find that your hostess has left a collection of little welcome gifts by your bedside. how well does she know me? Chocolate and hand sanitizer? Burt's Bees and Starbucks?

Soul Mate.

Here are a few other pics from the first 3 days:

 A couple of months ago when we were in Estonia we bought these slippers. Felted wool, hand made, they were just about the cutest things I'd ever seen. I'm wearing mine on the right, one of her daughter's is on the left.

Everyone thinks they look like the evil Nutcracker mice.

The breakfast of champions.

Off to the church to cook dinner for a hundred people or so.

How I'm getting my beagle fix this week.
View from the back porch in coastal Georgia.