Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Add a Grommet

grommet set

I love grommets and how practical they are. I love them as a design element too and have a white trench that I adore, with giant ones. So when my husband lost his favorite golf towel recently and mentioned it was his favorite because it had a grommet by which to attach it to his golf bag I thought I'd make him one. He had a towel that was perfect but needed a grommet added. He informed me that these towels often sell for around fifteen dollars in golf shops.

For a towel?

I was pretty sure I could beat that. I found a grommet kit at Lowe's with 15 grommet sets for  less than 7 dollars.

grommet set

It paid for itself the first time I used it.  I practiced on a random piece of cloth I had lying around. It was pretty simple so I moved on to the actual project.


Step 1: use the hole cutting tool to make a hole in the material. Using a piece of wood for the base place the tool, sharp end down, where you want it and pound it with a mallet until it cuts a whole in the fabric.
The hole is a little rough but it won't matter since the grommet will cover it. I used scissors to neaten it up a bit since the fabric was pretty thick.

Step 2: Place material over grommet.

adding a grommet

 Step 3: Place washer over material and grommet. Place grommet, material, and washer on base. Place flaring tool over grommet and base.

The set up looks like this.
how to add a grommet


With the base on a steady surface, firmly strike the top of the flaring tool until washer and grommet are tightly fastened together.


Admire your work and look around the house for other things that need a grommet!

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